14 out of 25

1. Bake a cheesecake.
2. Go sledding.
3. Make fudge.
4. Take 5 photos that represent Autumn.
5. Carve
a pumpkin.
6. Go horseback riding.
7. Buy patterned tights.
8. Make homemade doughnuts.
9. Have a bonfire.
10. Bake cookies for neighbors.
11. Donate to Charity.
12. Sew a skirt.
13. Make Christmas cards.
14. Take 5 photos to represent Winter.
15. Buy something with an owl on it.
16. Read a book in my second language.
17. Visit a museum.
18. Rent bikes in the city with friends.
19. Get a black manicure.
20. Host blog event.
21. Buy a glamorous robe.
22. Learn a phrase in French.
23. Buy ankle boots.
24. Have a girls day out.
25. Go a week without coffee.

Remember this list?? I love my bucket lists and they are always a lot of fun for me to try and complete every season. My Winter/Autumn list didn't get as much checked off as I had hoped, I think that always happens!! It was the busiest year of my life though so I am very happy with all that I did get checked off. :) Here is a little overview with some side notes added....

The most difficult was #25, I actually went off all caffeine for 10 days as an experiment for some health problems that I have. Didn't accomplish anything but the worst headache of my life. And the self control was rather impressive as well...if there are any serious coffee drinkers out there you can relate to my pain! I'm very proud to say I only cheated twice. ^_^

The most fun would have to be #18! I rented bikes with my friends in the nearest large city near us, and we had a blast!! It was such a great day, we felt like kids again, and I'll always remember it. I definitely want to do this again. :)

The most enjoyable was #17, not only did I visit a museum, I visited again, and again, and again!! I am hooked on this one and continue to explore new museums and revisit all my favorites. :)

The one I really wish I did is #6! I haven't been horseback riding in years and would love to go again... it didn't work out for me in this season but I'm going to try and do it sometime before this year ends. :)


Overall, I still love my bucket lists, they are lighthearted and fun. Nothing overly serious or impressive... but they help me fill my weekends and off days with enjoyable challenges and memories!! For sure, I have a bucket list in the makings for the Summer, so stayed tuned! This time I am going to try and document everything I do with photos as I check them off and share them with you on the blog.


Have you ever done a bucket list?
What do you think of the idea?

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