V-Day {Formal}

Valentine's Day isn't too far off so I wanted to share with you some sets I made for the occasion. A formal event such as that fancy February 14th dinner with your love, is no reason to sacrifice your modest standards... there are a lot of gorgeous options out there that cover and flatter! It can take a little bit more time and creativity but don't lose hope. :)


A red dress is just classic. Pair with some sparkle and you are bound to have a wonderful evening. :) (noted; sometimes in my sets such as this one you can see the neckline isn't completely the most modest in everyones opinion. including mine! however you can easily add a pretty cami underneath for more coverage if you would like!)

Love Me

I am in love with this black dress! it is very simple but the lines are beautiful.

Sparkle Up The Night

You know by now how much I love my pencil skirts! So this outfit is right up my alley. :) I also think purple to be a very romantic color. :)

Knit Together

A more youthful relaxed set for Valentine's day. You can't beat the comfort of knit! :)
Stay tuned for a post coming up soon containing more casual V-Day modest inspiration!


  1. Any tips for people who can't wear pencil skirts? ;)

  2. lOVE LOVE LOVE the last two <3

  3. Care to share where you found these gorgeous finds??? :)


  4. The purple set is my favorite.....but the last one is so super cute. (:

  5. oooohhhh i loved the last one! i would SO wear that dress/shirt. it is a dress, right?? :) love all of 'em!!

  6. i love all of those, especially the purple one. :)

  7. I like the last and the second one!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. @Emily, If you click on the sets above it will take you to my Polyvore page which will show the brands and info on the pieces in the sets. :)


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