V-Day {Casual}

So In Love With You

Simple and sweet. With a little bit of sass! Aren't those leopard print flats fabulous?

Roses Are Red

I'm a big fan of floral prints, even though I don't think I own anything floral myself! :) It is very feminine and I think portrays a beautiful spirit!!
Pretty In Pink

Mixing black and brown... I know! That is considered a rule breaker. But one I think is perfectly fine when done right. :) And lets just say that sparkly gold clutch is calling my name! So cute!

Hearts Unite

Okay maybe this isn't considered casual to some of you.. but this is my typical every day outfit! :) I thought the flats added a fun splash of color and I love the ruffles on that cardigan.


I must admit this is probably one of my favorite sets I have created in a while! I love the soft color palette. I'm such a fan of grey as well! :)
More Valentine's Day post coming soon! Stay tuned. :)


  1. Ahhh. I love your sets so much. My favorites are the last three. They are sweet and classy. :)

  2. I love the pink shoes in the second to the last set! =)

  3. awwww i love the flats in the 4th set!

  4. once again, those are all so gorgeous. it makes me want to go shopping just looking at them. ;p

  5. I want those earrings in the first set. ;)


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