Red Love {top 5}

1. Shoes. So classic.

2. Strawberries. A little taste of heaven!

3. Manicure. The perfect pick me up and utterly feminine.

4. Tulips! My favorite part of Spring.

5. Red Velvet Cake. What can I say? I love food. This cake is awesome.


Other red favorites include crisp apples, rain boots, firetrucks, candy canes, I Love Lucy, roses, unbrellas, and bricks.
(all images via weheartit.com)

Do you have any red favorites?


  1. Tulips are, in fact, one of my most favorite things. When I lived in the Netherlands, you could just see fields and fields of tulips. So.beautiful.

  2. Those cupcakes just look so scrumptious! :D

  3. I will have to echo the red shoes, manicure and red velvewt cupcakes! I just bought the perfect red nail polish yesterday at Wal-Mart, Justin Beiber for Opi, OMB!. I don't like him, but his nail polish colors are splendid! =)

  4. my fav red thing would have to be hair. i love girls (and guys) with red hair. ;)

  5. Oooh, I love strawberries! And those red tulips are scrumptious!!!! :)

  6. TULIPS are my all time favorite flower :) Cute posts!

    Thanks for following my blog :) means a lot!


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