♥ Movie Night {girly flicks}

Leap Year

Leap Year is a great movie done in the recent years that I really love. I thought the story line cute and funny. Of course I am also a big fan of Matthew Goode and Amy Adams! Her wardrobe in this movie was fabulous as well. ^_^

Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice... a classic ad must-have in your movie collection! I am not the biggest fan of Jane Austen, I'll admit, but this version of the classic story is wonderful. Keira Knightly did an excellent job playing Elizabeth Bennet and I highly recommend this for a girls night in!

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is another classic! This film is funny, touching, and beautiful inside and out. One of my favorite Audrey movies!

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday by far is my favorite Audrey movie though. :) I cannot count the ways this movie makes my heart sing. It's full of adventure, dreams and reality. Perfect for your girly movie night!!

Letters To Juliet

Letters To Juliet was a movie that I was skeptical about when I went to see it but turned out enjoying it a lot! :) Definitely, for sure a girly movie. Very typical and romantic but really touching as well and leaves you feeling happy and in love. :)


What are some of your favorite girly movies?


  1. My favorite girly films are the Jane Austen movies and What a Girl Wants.

  2. I was the exact same way before seeing Letters to Juliet. I was not expecting to like it and totally ended up loving it! Such a cute story.
    I'm also incredibly in love with the dresses you picked out to go along with it. Pretty sure I need all of those right now!

  3. Mmm, those are definitely my favorite girly movies!!!!!!

  4. any movie with an Irish/English accent is amazing. Case in point: Letters to Juliet, P&P, and Leap Year.

  5. What A Girl Wants is a must-watch at me and my friends sleepovers :) It has Oliver James in it, AND he has a British accent :) Letter's to Juliet was good, because Charlie is absolutely adorable. And Pride & Prejudice was good because of Mr. Darcy. He is just about the cutest thing ever.


  6. Okay, "Princess Diaries?!!?!?!?" one of my favorite movies. I love Andrew. lol and his accent is pretty awesome. Oh, and you can't forget Julie Andrews! And her 'prince charming' the guy Joe (don't know his real name). Actually, he was my favorite, then Andrew, then Julie Andrews!!!! :)
    Sense and Sensibility was pretty good. Saw it at camp last summer....... so ya!!!

  7. those sets are so cool. i love any period film. :)

  8. Those are all slpendid! I love, love,love Leap Year, but maybe that's becuase Irish accents are my favorite!
    Okay, I'm pretty sure all of these movies make my favoreites list.....good choices!=)

  9. Oh, I love P&P... :) I love "It happened one night", an older version of Leap year, which was based off of it. =) It is really sweet. :D

  10. I love pride and prejudice and letters to Juliet is such a cute movie too!

  11. This was a nice take on a 'fave girly movies' post, Marie. I really liked it!! We definitely have the same fave movies....excepting that I haven't seen Roman Holiday.


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