Keeping It Classy {Day 6}

Confession: I really wish I was in my sweats right now instead of a pencil skirt. And chunky wool socks would be much more comfortable than three layers of tights. I also love my oversized, XL, worn out collage hoodie 100x more than this sweater.
Alright, just had to get that out there! Do you ever have those days? Maybe it's just because I'm sick but I've had a hard time getting dressed this week! Let alone put on jewelry...! I suppose this fashion event had darn good timing because I've actually forced myself to accessorize a little even though I haven't been in the mood. ^_^
I've enjoyed so much seeing everyone else's beautiful outfits this week (click here to see links for yourself!) and thank you so much to all of my new followers and the sweet comments that everyone has left me! It has cheered up my week for sure. :)
Okay, on to my outfit today! I'm back to my normal preppy self after the soft romantic look I was wearing yesterday. This poor black pencil skirt has gotten so much wear from me... I'm afraid I need to start looking for a new one! I really loved the fit of this one from Zara, and the fabric held up nicely considering how hard I am on my clothes. I hate saying goodbye to favorite pieces of clothing, and even worse trying to replace them!! Bleghh, I am rambling on like a mad man today aren't I? Must be the cold meds. Let's just look at the photos now and be done with this random post shall we? ^_^

Shirt - Promode
Sweater - Terranova
Skirt - Zara
Earrings and Bracelets - Meli-Melo, Aeropostale, and Misc.


  1. That's a cute outfit! I like how you layer your tops together. They're a nice color too! :)

  2. soo cute! You always look so nice!

  3. Very adorable. I've just looked through all your outfits for the week and they are simple wonderful! I love dressing classy!


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