Keeping It Classy {Day 4}

Over the weekend I was starting to come down with a virus, and now it's officially hit me in full force! To be honest I have spent most of my day in sweats (classy, right?), but I did get dressed for reals this morning even if only lasted for a short time. ^_^
I love white. It's one of my favorite colors! Light, bright and feminine. I love the clean elegance and grace of it. Not that I feel real elegant today. I feel more like an elephant! ^_^ But it's a nice thought! :) I haven't actually ever worn this white skirt in the Winter before... in public that is. I wear around the house a lot but I'm still hesitant to wear it out. I'm never exactly sure how to make it seem appropriate for the season and not look crazy! I like how this outfit came out though.
Do you wear white in the winter? What is your opinion on the issue?

Sweater - Rue21
Belt - Gift
Skirt - Zara
Awesome pink ribbon coffee cup - Avon :)


  1. Pretty outfit! Everything goes together so perfectly. Love the sweater! ;)

  2. that's a really cute outfit! I love the sweater with the skirt!

  3. I never wear white, for the simple reason that I am klutzy and messy when eating food. lol I haven't commented on any of your outfit posts yet, but I think that what you wear is definitely trendy, feminine and lovely...wishing that you could come help me get outfits picked out for myself.

    Hoping you feel better soon, Marie!

  4. I love it! I also love white but as some one already mentioned I'm also a klutz and my white clothes never stay white for long! You look great!

  5. You. Look. SO. Gorgeous! Love the sweater..love the skirt. I wear white in the winter all the time cuz I hate stupid rules. (the MJ quote on my sidebar proves this) ;]


  6. I love the way you wear a white skirt in the winter. I have worn white in the winter, though never as nice as you. =)

  7. Very cute outfit! I love the skirt with the sweater!


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