These are my new favorite earrings! How cute are they? I have such a love for birds when it comes to jewelry, and especially owls. These little charmers have quickly become some of my favorite earrings and I've worn them so much already!
This week I also broke my most loved silver bracelet. It was just a thin and simple chain, nothing expensive or special, but I've had it for years and wore it nearly 24/7. I never even took it off for showering or when I went to bed! It isn't a big deal, and it seems dumb...but every time I look down at my wrist, I miss it! Is that stupid? Probably. ^_^ Oh well. Such goes life! At least I have my cute new owl earrings to soothe my sad heart somewhat. :)
What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?
Have you ever lost a piece you loved?


  1. those are cute! my fav earrings now are these turqoise feather ones. i wear them on on special occasions though. :)
    aww...that stinks. yea, i have broken several pieces i love. and have actually cried over it. what can i say? a girl loves her accessories!

  2. I love any jewelry with birds on them! In fact I was drooling over a bunch of 'bird' jewelry on Etsy this past Saturday, and then on Sunday I was able to go out with my momma and sister and get some of the same jewelry looks that I fell in love with for about a third of the price. I'll be blogging about my jewelry finds soon! Thanks for sharing yours, Marie!! =)

    Much love and many blessings to you,
    ~Sarah E.

  3. Aw, sorry your bracelet broke. :( I had an adorable Eiffel tower necklace charm, and it fell off my necklace chain. Now it is in the dark recesses of the car somewhere. :( :( :( But on a good note, I have green, yellow, and red earrings shaped like Africa. I love wearing them. ;)

    Oh, this also made me think...how and where do you store your jewelry?

  4. I'm sorry that your bracelet broke! I had a locket that I'd had for years and I wore it almost everyday, then the dog ate it!
    Love the owls!

  5. Those owl earrings are adorable! I love things with owls. I don't really wear jewelry all that often so I don't really have a favorite piece. I have some earrings that I like though. :)


  6. Those owl earrings are gorgeous. I was recently given a pair of owl earrings. I love them! I also have a heart-and-key necklace which I love too.

    I'm sorry to hear what happened to your bracelet.

  7. way cute earrings. i have lost jewerly that i absolutely adored but i didn't loose them in the way most people do. see i got my ears pierced and i picked out the best gold blue earings ever and as i reached the 12 week of wearing them i became alergic. so i had to take them out and stop wearing earings :(


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