Breath of Spring

Anyone else dreaming of Spring? ^_^ Here are some beautiful breezy spring picks via Monsoon that I love.

Dresses were just made for Spring time. You have to admit! I love the ease and simplicity they bring. Not to mention... they make me feel ultimately girly!
I am buying a fedora like this one this year. I just have too. They are too fabulous to ignore anymore!
I love chunky and fun necklaces that make a statement. I love how much they can add to a simple outfit! Not to mention I miss wearing necklaces after a winter dressed in scarves constantly!!
Breezy lightweight tops. Heavenly.
Fun bracelets... that aren't covered up by those long sleeved cardigans and coats! :)


You can find all of the above plus more fabulous accessories and clothing by going to Monsoon!


  1. I love that first dress; it's so pretty! You have such great outfits. I love your blog! :D


  2. Okay, I want a fedora. And, that bracelet is ADORABLE!!! And if that dress had a cami or something underneath it, I would maybe wear it!! :)


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