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Marie Loves

what do you love?


  1. I love loving life.
    I love Jane Austen.
    I love Laverne and Shirley. ;)

  2. jumping on beds. peach colored roses. singing. imagining i’m in a forest of lilies. old hymn books. whispering at midnight. freezing cold swimming holes. blue. climbing trees. rocking babies to sleep. and many many other things. :)

  3. ponies, gerber daisies, georgie henley, narnia, 40's-50's fashion, my Netbook, Pixie, my family, my doggie Jingles<3, our wood-burning fireplace in the family room at home, overalls, blogging, emailing, writing letters and getting letters, THIS BLOG!!!!! and so many more!!!!!

    Love and blessings,
    Manda <3

  4. this is cute! now i want to do something like this!


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