Looking for a way to make sleeveless tops more modest? Shrugs, or sometimes called bolero's or cropped cardigans, are a wonderful option! As you saw from my outfit yesterday, I love shrugs and wear them quite often. They provide a cute and fashionable way to add more coverage when needed. My only caution is that the kind that tie or button directly under the chest can call attention to that area! So just keep that in mind. All the above images are from Maurice's... they have a lot of cute shrugs that I love! ^_^ If you are looking for some you can go check them out here.
How do you feel about shrugs? Do you wear them? Do you think they are modest?


  1. I love them too- and yes I think they are modest! And I think that they are really flattering! Especially if you have an hourglass figure.

  2. I really like them, and I think they're modest as well! If I had a shrug I would wear it, especially that green one. :)

  3. I really like shrugs! I think they can be modest,but you have to be careful! Some shrugs can be tight;accentuating the chest. When they are fairly loose, they can be adorable!!!
    I love the ones you picked!

  4. I LOVE shrugs. I have just a few that make several of my closet items wearable. : ) I like ones like that grey one best.


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