I Love Saturdays

I really do. I mean, the relaxed I-get-to-stay-at-home-in-my-pajamas-all-day Saturdays. Those Saturdays. I start off my day by creating a long to do list of all that super important stuff I need to do like giving myself a fresh manicure, editing my latest photos and eating some chocolate. ^_^ No really, there are a few important serious things on there, like changing the sheets on my bed, taking out the trash, and finishing homework. I love being able to tackle everything with energy but at the same time relax and enjoy my day! I always get a lot done and go to bed happy with the feeling that I accomplished something. :)
What do you love about Saturdays?


  1. Ummm.... sleeping in!!!!! One of my favorite things. And spending time together with the fam, cuz Dad is home from work. Andd..... well, today, I got HotSticks for my birthday last week, and so Mom is gonna help me play around with them, to try and get the look I want. So ya. ;) ttul

  2. Sleeping in, accomplishing lots of stuff! Not having to do anything! Spending more time in the Bible!

  3. I love working out,reading my Bible and playing sports.


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