Feminine Fashion Week - {Day 4}

Today I ran out the door quite the rule breaker. All of my black tights were in the laundry so I had to opt for a brown pair to wear with my black skirt and boots! I was thinking to myself it was going to look horrid but it actually didn't show to much and wasn't such a big deal after all. I do mix browns and black on occasion and enjoy it, but never have tried it with leg wear. Like I said, it turned out to not be such a big deal and I'd definitely do it again. :) I was in a huge rush this morning so I hope you forgive the hurried photographs and my lack of shoes! ♥


Top - Kenvelo
Skirt - Zara
Tote Bag, Scarf & Earrings - Monsoon/Accessorize
Bracelet - Handmade Gift


  1. Very cute outfit! I like the bag and shirt! :)

  2. Cute cute :D
    I think brown and black (when done well) looks rather classy sometimes, but that's just my opinion. ;)

  3. hey, i actually like the brown tights with the black skirt. (im always for new and different things) :p

  4. I love this outfit...and truth be told I wouldn't have guessed that those were brown tights had you not told us! =)

  5. Oh girl, rule breaking or not, your outfit still looks uh.dor.able!

  6. I love your blog and your style!


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