Feminine Fashion Week - {Day 1}

Good morning! And Happy January 1st. :) I choose a bright and cheery outfit for the occasion, not to mention it's a very comfortable ensemble as well! Perfect for a day around the house... I don't know about you guys, but I usually spend my January 1st doing a deep cleaning of my closet, room and throwing out all the junk I don't need! :) It's very energizing and gives my new year a nice big push.
Okay, onto the photos!

These are my new sensible, flat, leather boots. Of course they aren't the most flattering but they are comfortable and keep me safe and warm in this icy cold weather that Winter brings! I really splurged in buying these, I never like spending so much money in one chunk! But I am really learning that it's a lot better investing in quality when it comes to shoes especially.

The earrings and scarf were both Christmas presents. I love getting new accessories! ^_^


Top - Terranova
Skirt - Terranova
Boots - Tamaris
Scarf - Oysho
Earrings - Pimkie
Bracelet - Handmade Gift


  1. Cute outfit! Everything seems to go together perfectly! :)

  2. I love that splash of bright green :)

  3. I love looking at all your outfits! Such good ideas:-)


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