Come Rain or Shine

I love rainy days. Especially on those weekends where you can just stay home and relax. Catch up on emails and laundry, enjoy a long lunch, remain in your pajamas all day, drink way too much hot cocoa, maybe bake some cookies. All that good stuff. ^_^
I took this photo of some raindrops on my window one week when I was taking a long road trip. It's simple but portrays the calming and beautiful effect that rain has to my heart. :) Although I must say, Winter rain isn't my ultimate favorite! If it's cold I would rather it just snow!! :)
How do you feel about the rain??


  1. Oh I know right? Rainy days are perfect for cuddling on the couch watching chick flicks or even scary movies and enjoying a nice cup of hot choco with little marshmallows. I hope you have a wonderful weekend

  2. I love rain in the summer! Sometimes I go out in it. :)

    However, if it goes on for more than 3 days, I get fed up :P

  3. Rain is my favorite, and like Ellyn, especially in the summer. Nothing beats a walk on wet green ground under grey skies. :)

    Beautiful photograph, Marie!

  4. I love rain. Period. Mostly only in Spring and Summer, though. It's absolutely enchanting!*!*! <3

  5. I do love the rain, there's just something about it that makes me feel the fairie folk will come out to play!

  6. This summer, at camp, me and some friends went out and ran around in the POURING THUNDERSTORM!!! Oooooh, it was SO.MUCH.FUN.!!!!!!!!! We were freezing cold, and soaked to the bone, but totally laughing our heads off!
    I love rain, and mud...... but only in the summer. No winter rain, please God!!!! Ick.

  7. Well.... I love rain when it only lasts for a couple days, but around here on Canada's west coast, it rains for weeks, or even months at a time in the winter. So right now I don't like it. :P I'm longing for either snow or sun. :)


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