{5} What I'm Loving

1. Kit Kat's. I forgot how delicious these are. I could seriously get fat on them.

2. Listening to the radio. I love the suspense of what song will come on next. And when it's one of my favorites? Priceless.

3. Jewelry with birds. Love. I'm so addicted!

4. Trying new desserts from the bakery. Sometimes they are really gross. But sometimes I find new favorites that must have been sent from heaven and that is really awesome.

5. Body scrub. Since we're on the subject of sugar and everything... In the Winter I hate how dry and rough my skin can get. I've found that using a scrub a few times a week can really help keep my skin fresh and soft! ^_^


What are you loving lately?

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  1. My new Buxom lip gloss in the color "Trixie" that I got from the Sephora store!! =)

  2. accessories! i went to the mall today and shopped ONLY for them. no clothes whatsoever. ;)

  3. I have to agree with listening to the car radio. Those cookies look delicious! :)

    I'm loving sausage, kittens, fashion, and God's nature. :)

  4. I'm lovin' great songs, my camera, my Mp3 player, community soup suppers, and nice spice/pumpkin cakes with plenty of cream-cheese frosting. :)

  5. I'm lovin: FASHION!!! (inspired by "Marie Loves...." and "Modestus Filia".) Ponies, cable knit cardigans, ruche ankle boots with ruffles and NO HEELS! My puppy, Jingles, Georgie Henley, and ice skating. So yeppers! <3

  6. Kit-kats could totally do me in. It's not even funny.

    I'm lovin' good books. Especially "The Last Hero" by Rick Riordan. ...is it weird to fall in love with a book character? :)

  7. I did a post like this recently. :)

    I'm loving dark aqua (even though that is "totally last year's color")

    Marshmallows of the homemade variety (or not. I'm pretty much just buying anything with marshmallows in it too.)

    Orange scented body products - everything I'm using right now has orange in it.

    Chocolate and chilis combination. It's kinda strange but I like it.


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