The new year always catches me off guard. Time flies by so unbelievably fast, doesn't it? It is a good reminder to me of how short life is and how precious time is. How precious time should be to us. As I think back on the year now set behind me so many thoughts run through my mind. Regrets? Not so much. Regrets never do you much good as you can never go back and change the past. However I think we can always learn from mistakes and try to improve ourselves more and more. I think my biggest "regret" from 2010 is how much time I wasted. Day after day. So many minutes. Hours even. Gone so quickly. And I regret not taking those seconds of my life more seriously and managing them more responsibly. So this year? I want to stay busy. With good things. Edifying things. Things that will help me to grow and learn and become someone better. A better friend, a better example. I want to be healthier and smarter. Kinder and more giving. And I definitely have to work on being more friendly! :)
I am really excited about 2011. I have high hopes and expectations for the year ahead. I know it's not going to be easy. Life never is! But if I stay close to Jesus I know that He will continue to guide my heart and life in His perfect way. ♥

Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New Year to you too! :)

    Did you sign up to participate in the "Feminine Fashion Week" at Natasha's blog?



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