Tiny Winter Haul/Splurge

It's actually very tiny! But I thought I'd put some photos up on here of some stuff I've bought recently anyway. It is a combination of stuff I sort of needed but well I will admit I think they are mostly splurge items! :)

I've been in dire need of a new wallet for a long time. I found this one at Meli Melo and it's the perfect size! I love bigger wallets/wristlets because you can put so much in them and they are great for the times you need to run out the door but only want to carry some cash and your cell. Don't be jealous, but I can fit lip gloss in this baby as well! :)

I'm not a big makeup wearer...or spender! Eye shadow is probably the only thing I occasionally splurge on. I got this palette via Avon, which for the record is a great company that I love and highly recommend! Not to mention it was only $9, pretty much a steal! I love the quality of Avon makeup, and especially that it comes at such a reasonable price. The green shade is the only one that I don't really like. I have yet to pull it off without looking like I have a bruise! :)

I also have the occasional nail polish splurge... I have been using more polish from Rimmel lately and I really like it! I've found that it's easy to apply, goes on nicely and lasts for a long time. But what sold me on this one was the color... It is simply the most perfect shade of purple ever made. Reminder to self; post photos of purple manicure soon.

Last but not least, I picked up some thigh high socks mostly for fun. And I needed more. A lot of times I don't like the feeling of wearing full tights so I tend to wear a lot of knee high and thigh high tights/socks in the Winter. And wearing plain black leg wear every day gets super boring in my world so I thought these cuties with the button and ruffle detail would cheer me up! ^_^


The best part is that I spent less than $30 on all of the above and they are all nice enough quality to last me awhile! Sometimes I think it is good to splurge just a little. I don't know about you but sometimes a girl just needs a little retail therapy. When practiced in a reasonable and affordable manner of course. ^_^

When is the last time you splurged? What do you most often splurge for? Do you think splurging is okay to do sometimes?

As always, I love hearing your thoughts! :)


  1. Cute stuff!
    If I do splurge on anything, it's usually a really nice sweater (or two, or three) or books. Definitely books. :D


  2. Retail therapy--ABSOLUTELY. I've definitely been there. :)

    I tend to splurge on patterned tights, scarves, and donuts. :)

    Those socks are so cute! I LOVE thigh-high socks. I have a pair that are black and white polka-dot, with white lace on the top. They make me SO happy.

  3. It must have been in the air! I have been in dire need of a new wallet for ages. Mine was holding up okay but it was really only a zipper pouch and wadding up my cash made me feel like a five year old....and so I bought a wallet with bright pink accents because that is so mature! Umm yeah! ;)

    Love Avon. Really love their eye writer liquid liner, it's amazing and even I haven't had a problem screwing it up.

    I splurged on my wallet and then I splurged on my makeup - foundation and liptint and bronzer by Alima Pure.

    Really though I can't remember the last time I "splurged" on myself - probably a year ago?

    Lovely blog! Visiting from Life's Too Short Not To Wear Red Shoes.


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