I {heart} Grey


Don't you just love red shoes? They are so much fun! ^_^ And that bow ring is just so adorable I can hardly stand it.

Magic in Winter

Okay I have a confession to make... I will only wear beanies if they have a pom pom on top! Don't laugh! I am serious! I have no idea why, but if there is no pom pom it makes me sad. ^_^ I like the simplicity of this set.. but the riding boots and sleek coat gives it class.

Metel Mixing

Grey, grey, grey... can you tell this is one of my favorite colors? :) The pink cami adds a little splash of color and personality so it's not too washed out and boring. And of course, you can never go wrong with stripes!


As you can tell, one of my top favorite colors to wear this season is grey! What about you? What are your go-to colors for the Winter season?


  1. I love grey too! Especially a lot of grey and black with a splash of a bright color. :)

  2. Gray is quite nice, at least with a bright beautiful color like the pink. That last outfit is my favorite!!!


  3. Oh, and my go-to color for the season is green. :)

  4. ohhh...I LOVE these sets <3 I love Grey.. but I have a sister that LIVES in grey.. i will have to forward this to her :)
    I love the purse in the last and first set and the hat in the middle!! :)

  5. The earrings in the last one are cool! I love them all.

  6. I've fallen in love with grey and plum together. Love it!

    Your blog is so cute! I've found it through Life is Too Short Not To Wear Red Shoes and I love it! Definately coming back!

  7. Girl,
    you got amazing fashion sense! I looove ALL the outfits, but I think the first one is my fave. COme check out my blog J.O.Y.! thnx


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