A Homemade Christmas- Quiz!

Samantha at Simple Delights is having a Christmas event this week on her blog, today you can participate in a short quiz about your Christmas favorites. Thought I would join in as it looked like fun! Be sure to head over to her blog to see her own answers as well as everybody elses! :)
Alright onto the fun. :)

1. Three of your favorite Christmas carols:

"Silent Night"
"Away In A Manger"
"What Child Is This"

2. Three Favorite Christmas songs:

"Baby It's Cold Outside"
"White Christmas"
"Winter Wonderland"

3. Four favorite Christmas traditions:

~Watching White Christmas with my family.
~Baking cookies. :)
~Stockings! They are my favorite part. :)

4. Three favorite holiday cookies

~Sugar Cookies
~M&M cookies.

5. Does your Christmas tree have a theme ( snowflakes,
nature, red & green, etc.) or just a collection of ornaments?

Not really... I have a lot of snowman ornaments though! :)

6. Three favorite Christmas ornaments

~Anything unique or handmade is always special!
~Blown glass ornaments.
~Snowmen! :)

7. Do you like snow?

I LOVE SNOW. It is magical in so many ways.

8. Hot chocolate or coffee?

Coffee! but I love hot cocoa as well.. especially with peppermint added!

9. Do you decorate indoors and out?

Mostly indoors... not a lot outside... :) Maybe a few wreaths!

10. Do you like to decorate before Thanksgiving, or after?

I always wait till after!

11. Name 3 things you like doing in the snow:

~Window shopping.
~Snow angels. ^_^

12. Do you usually make at least one
handmade gift for someone each year?

Usually! :) This year I want to try making body scrub and bath salts!

13. Name one of your favorite Christmas books:

Hate to say it.. but I don't think I have one!

14. Favorite Christmas movies?

~Charlie Brown Christmas :)
~White Christmas

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