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I just wanted to dedicate a quick post to a modest fashion event coming up soon in the blog world. Natasha, from, A Modest Fashion Blog: What I Wear, What I Do, and Why I Did It, is hosting this lovely event in the first week of January. The 1st-7th to be exact. :) She has hosted these sort of events in the past and they are always fabulous. She is going to be offering a quite large giveaway to the participants and you surely don't want to miss out on it! More than that, it is always a big blessing to be able to participate in such an event as this that promotes pure beauty, modesty and femininity!! It is an encouragement to others and a good example as well. I would like to encourage you all to participate, even if you can only join in for a few days... it's so much fun! Alright. Enough of my babbling. ^_^ Go head on over to her blog and check out all the details yourself! If you click on the button below it will take you straight to the info.
XO, Marie

Natasha Twirling B&W With Pink"/>

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