Christmas Recap

Well, just a small one!

I love wrapping gifts and setting them out all pretty like underneath the tree. And curling ribbon is my favorite!

Okay actually stocking are probably my favorite part of Christmas morning. I love all the randomness of everything inside! From jewelry to candy to gadgets.. stockings rock. See those cute sweater striped things.. those are my new fingerless gloves. Cute, no?

Christmas roses! I have a whole dozen. They are beautiful and look so nice in my room!

New perfume! I am such a girl, the first thing I say when I open it is, "omg what a cute bottle!!" ^_^

I saved the best for last.... Please tell me by now, you know how much I adore owls. And this necklace from my mom pretty much made my YEAR. ^_^ It's on a lovely long chain and shall be worn pretty much all the time.

Overall I had a very relaxing Christmas with the family. Of course it rained instead of snowed but oh well, these things can't be helped some years! I finally made a cheesecake so I could check it off my list over there on the sidebar. It was chocolate, only had to sit for 4 hours and turned out pretty good for a first try I must say! And by the look of all the snow falling outside my window this morning, I'm guessing that going sledding might be checked off next! :)

How was your Christmas?


Stay tuned for some new outfit posts coming up soon amongst other things!!


  1. YAY! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! I love the owl necklace for sure! :)
    And yeah- it snowed like 4-6 inches where I lived- haha... I hope you get to sled. ;)

    Love, Makay

  2. Here's the link of the latest post about how my Christmas went this year; http://desiringgodsdesires.blogspot.com/2010/12/holmes-family-christmas.html :)

    Love the owl necklace, btw! So cute!

  3. Merry Christmas!!!! Hey, the other day we had this huge barred owl hanging out on a tree by our house. He was flying around and looked cool :) I'll post pics on my blog sometime.

  4. we have like 5or6 inches here.. and its been that way for 3 weeks now. lol i got some new perfume too, and owls=adorable!

  5. Merry Christmas! I love owls too :). My dad got me and adorable owl wallet for Christmas!

  6. Christmas roses--that's so cool! And that photo is lovely.
    I love the owl necklace. I DO know you love owls...I'm constantly seeing cute owl things and thinking "I should get that for Marie!"

  7. Merry Christmas! This was such a classy post. I loved all the photos!

  8. Christmas was great. :) Love the photos!


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