Bad Blogger and Other Random Musings

1. Please forgive this bad blogger! My week has been crazy and I've had a horrible time keeping up with comments and such. I guess the holiday season is just like that sometimes. :) So please accept my apologies and I'll try to catch up with it all soon.

2. A big thank you to to Polka Dot from Life is Too Short To Not Wear Red Shoes for featuring me in her very first beautiful persons blog series! I feel very honored. ^_^ Click here to check it out for yourself if you'd like!

3. I also want to welcome all of the new followers that I've gotten recently. It's a blessing to have you and I hope that you will stick around, join in, and enjoy my blog!

4. I not only got a new puppy this week.. I got three of them! holy cow. They are soo much work but oh so cute and hysterical! Needless to say... this mama is rather exhausted! ♥ Still working on names... anyone know of any good male Japanese names?

5. New favorite this week in the Christmas song area. ^_^ Check it out below!

6. I really did have a sixth something to write but I just blanked out. Ughhh. I think it's time for coffee! :) So we'll just move on I suppose. I wish you all a most wonderful weekend... this time of the year sometimes can get stressed and hectic so please remember to smile, laugh, and sing along to your favorite holiday tunes! Cherish the time spent with your family and friends, and never forget the real reason of Christmas. I'm so amazed and thankful that God sent His only Son to earth to save sinners like myself. ♥ I am truly blessed beyond measure!
With all my love,


  1. Oh gosh, if you asked my bf Jared (thisredthread.blogspot.com) for a list of male Japanese names I'm sure he could probably give you about 100 ideas in a minute or two (and a list of their meanings too)...let's just say my Jay loves Japanese history, culture, names, films, etc.

    Personally I've always like the name 'Tadashi.' That was the name of a male waiter I had one time at a Japanese restaurant, and I've always thought it was a super cool name ever since I heard the waiter say his name!

    I loved the review on you btw! =)

  2. Three puppies? Oh my. : ) That must be pretty awesome AND pretty crazy.

    Japanese names... hm... the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Takashi. :)

  3. You have to put up some photos of them! :)

    How does this name sound


    (The way the japanese say the 2nd name is pretty cool)!

    It means 'Handsome' lol,I was just messing around with the google translator! :)


  4. Oops the first name means handsome not the 2nd one!


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