5 Things Marie Loves About Decemeber

1. Snow.
Omigosh. I cannot count the ways I absolutely adore snow. It dances down from the sky and sparkles everywhere it lands. There is just something magical about it.

2. Reindeer.
They are so cute. That's all I have to say.

3. Bokeh.
Hmm there is something about December that is positively perfect for awesome bokeh shots. Don't you agree?

4. Rudolph noses.
Well. Specifically mine. It's a love hate relationship. It is a little embarrassing that my nose is the first thing to get cold and turn bright red in these cooler December temps. But it always makes me laugh when I see it. Seriously, I just start cracking up. I know that's weird. But other people laugh at it too so apparently I'm not the only one that thinks it's funny. ^_^

5. Hot Chocolate.
Most of the time I am 100% a coffee person with the occasionally cup of tea. But in December? Bring on the hot cocoa because nothing else will do! With whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top. It's a work of art believe me... I'll have to take a photo of my next cup.


What are some of your favorite things about December?


  1. Mmmm... hot chocolate sounds good right now. :)

    But as for your question, I would say that my favorite things about December are:
    1. the celebration of Jesus's birth!
    2. my birthday :D
    3. baking yummy and delicious cookies or treats
    4. being outside while the snow is gently falling all around you. (I experienced this yesterday while I was walking down the driveway to get the mail. :) )
    5. giving presents to people that I care about.
    6. shopping!!
    7. Turkey and Ham for Christmas Dinner. *YUM!*
    There's more but it would take too long to write down, so I'll stop here. :)

    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  2. 1. Hot chocolate!!!
    2. Snow....(:
    3. Jesus' birth!
    4. Pea coats
    5. Gloves and mittens

    Love always,

  3. Marie,

    just found your blog and LOOVE it! I'm gonna follow you. Some of my favorite things about December/Christmas are the lights around people's houses, pea coats, boots, leggings, and beret hats! Oh, and scarves. Yep. ttul


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