What is it about sick days...

There is something about sick days that make you switch out your pretty pajamas for that comfy oversized pair. The ones with the cartoon characters on them, you know...
....and you trade in your daily coffee intake for hot tea.
Forget about putting contacts on! It's glasses for this girl.
...straighteners? Please. It's going in a messy bun anyway! ^_^

...And instead of those deep period dramas or latest high suspense movies, you find yourself indulging in one of your favorite sappy chick flicks.


I'm feeling a bit under the weather today! And it got me thinking about how much I change my daily habits when I'm sick. :) And yes. My lounge pants have cartoon characters on them today. Hehe. Stay tuned for my next post in which I'll be sharing some of my favorite old films that are perfect for sick days like mine own. ^_^ Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday, Marie


  1. aw, your sick too? everyone seems to be getting sick! and everything you mentioned above is totally true!!! especially the sappy chick flick part. lol hope you get *above* the weather soon. :)

  2. I've been in the same "boat" (hehe, I know what movie that pic is from...a fave of mine too) all weekend long, and even into the beginning of this week so far. I've still had to go into work, but as soon as I got home the hoodie and sweat pants came out of the drawer and replaced my work uniform quickly. I indulged in watching The Duggar's on Netflix, and drank up some Ginger Ale.

    Hoping all of us 'sickies' get to feeling better soon!

  3. I'm sick, too! And that picture makes me really want to watch that movie. That is a perfect movie for a sick day--not deep or complicated. :-)

    Hope you get to feeling better!


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