My Winter Slipper Picks - Top 5

Who doesn't love slippers? Okay, I'll admit, I'm usually a barefoot kind of girl most of the time. Even in the Winter you'll catch me scampering out to get the mail with my bare toes peeking out from under my pajama's. No joke. ^_^ But really...my feet do get cold around the house this time of the year, especially considering my house has all wood floors. And as you can guess from my crazy barefoot statement above, I pretty much detest wearing socks. I just can't keep em on! But I do really like slippers. They are easy on and off, aren't as restricting as socks (I really don't like socks), and they are sooo absolutely adorable as well! Here are my top 5 picks from around the interwebs this season with my own personal commentary. ^_^
I have a pair from Monsoon just like this, but in another color! They are super cozy. And I love slipper boots cause you can keep them on even if you wanna curl up on the couch or tuck your feet up under you.
I don't have any moccasins but they are on my Christmas wish list! :) I thought these soft and subtle pink ones were really cute.
Sorry, couldn't just post one pair from Monsoon, they just have way too many cuties up for grabs! Seriously, how could you not just adore these?
Ahhh, cable knit! I love cable knit! Anything and everything knit is so much better if it's cable. ^_^ They also have these in grey and black I do believe, but I just loved this rich red color. Perfect for Christmas morning if you ask me!

Last but not least, these beauties by Vera Wang for Khols. Again, I love slipper booties, they are oh so comfortable! And I love the ribbon ties at the top, very pretty touch.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my 5 favorite slipper picks. Stay warm! XO, Marie


  1. Neat! My favorites are the 1st and 2nd photos, but they all look great to me! :)

  2. All adorable!! I'll email you a pic of my slippers sometime.

  3. oh I LOVE the first and the last ones... so cute :) I'm a barefoot girl too and during the winter my feet freeze so I need to look into getting a pair of these ;)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. I'm a barefoot girl...abhor socks. But I love the fourth pair...they look SO warm!

  5. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog while checking out the Modest Fashion Week contestant's blogs. I love the first and second pair! You have a lovely blog {and I am now following!}.



  6. In LOVE with The Vera Wang Slippers. I want the grey ones! :) Have a wonderful day!


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