Have you ever heard of Maurices? I've been into a few of their stores from time to time but didn't realize they had an online store until recently. I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather large selection of cute modest clothes for reasonable prices! I like the layout of the website, their descriptions are good and I love that they have reviews available as well. You can learn so much from reading other buyers opinions on the item! Here are some of my favorite things that caught my eye...

They also have a cute selection of shoes, handbags and accessories you should check out. ^_^ I've yet to purchase anything from them online, so this isn't a review! I just wanted to share my finds with you today. :) XO, Marie


  1. i really like maurices, like i could buy almost everything in that store. (plus its like one of the only ones i have im my little town) but the prices are alittle high for me. mabye im just a cheapo. lol

  2. They all look gorgeous! But my favorite would have to be the "Jacquard Hooded Pullover"! So cute! :D

  3. I'll have to check them out :) I love the second dress (though I don't wear red very often) and that pullover.

  4. That sweater dress is absolutely adorable! I would wear every single one of these. :)


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