I've Been Domesticated!

Well... at least here's to hoping! :) Lemme be the first to admit. I am not the most domestic girl out there. Oh sure, making lavish dinners, creating decadent desserts, and learning how to sew that cute ruffled shower curtain I've been eyeing sounds just wonderful to my ears! But well...ahem...when it comes to actually doing those things? Uhh. To be completely honest I usually throw a frozen pizza in the oven. ^_^ However! I am really trying to be more domestic these days, in fact today I made my beloved canines some homemade peanut butter doggie treats! I found a recipe via All Recipes.com, and went for it. I've never made dog cookies before but they were super easy and quick... not to mention that my dogs LOVE them. :) Here are some photos of my domestic project of the day. Happy Weekend! Marie


  1. YUM! If I pretend I'm a dog, can you send some over? :D Rowf!

  2. So cute!! I'll bet your dogs loved them.


  3. There's something wrong with me... I was seriously salivating over the pics... *facesmack*. Anyway, I love AllRecipes! Forget cookbooks, this site is my go-to for anything food-related.

  4. hahaha I say the same thing as Shining as Stars, I thought these were gingerbreadman cookies and I wanted some!

  5. I think you're a great photographer! Yes, those gingerbread cookies looked amazing. Now I want to bake.


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