How I Spent My Weekend...

Hello ! ^_^ How was your weekend? Mine was spent making Christmas cards! This is something I enjoy so much every year. I try to get the majority of them done by December 1st, that way I'm free to tackle any other Christmas projects I want to get done before the holidays. Sure, it takes a bit more time than a trip to the store for a pack of pre-made cards...but that is part of the fun! I love the invite some friends over on the weekends or in the evening to have a big card making party together. Add some cookies, hot chocolate and Christmas music in the background and it makes for a wonderful time! Sadly, this weekend I was a bit ill, so no friends over to help me out, but I still enjoyed it anyway. ^_^ I'm definitely not the most crafty girl in the world, I tend to be all thumbs! But I really love card making and have discovered (ahem from personal experience!) that even the most un-crafty people can still make cute and easy designs. :) I'll try to put up some photos of my finished cards sometime if anyone is interested in seeing them. Here are some photos from the occasion in the meantime...

Do you have any DIY projects you like to do around Christmas time?


  1. I usual bake or cook Christmas food around this time of year. Especially Christmas cookies ;)

  2. I love doing anything crafty, including card making. So fun!

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. (And we have the same paper cutter, hehe!)
    I LOVE making cards for people. I am definitely NOT crafty, but I love it...especially Christmas cards. Woo hoo!


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