Holiday Inspi

The holidays are just around the corner... in fact, Thanksgiving is just 17 days away! ^_^ I'm not sure about you, but I start to get giddy when stores bring out the Christmas decor and I start hearing my favorite holiday songs playing on the radio. I truly love this whole season. To me, the best thing about the holidays is just being with my family! I treasure the time we spend together and am so blessed to be apart of something so wonderful. I've being putting some of that holiday energy into making some polyvore sets for inspiration! Hope you enjoy. :)


This is one of those outfits that is right up my alley! I love my jean pencil skirts, especially that they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. :)

Pure Simplicity
Femininity just exudes off this set, no? I love dresses. They are so easy and fun. And those owl earrings? Yes please!


Casual and relaxed, with a little bit of vintage charm added! I tend to move to quickly into blacks when it gets cold (through accessories, shoes and such) so I'm trying to wear more browns and tans this Fall. Neutral palettes can be really fun to play with.


I am a total cardigan lover. And a lover of all things purple. I think this outfit would be comfortable for a busy day with the family, yet still looks classy and cute. _^

Time for Family.
Instead of slipping into the same of jeans and tee, it can be nice to dress things up for the holidays by switching things up with a nice blouse or some fun accessories! They only come around once a year, why not make it special? ^_^

Turkey Day
Sweater dresses are the cutest! I'd love to find a couple for the season.

Happy Holidays,

And lastly, a more formal option for the day! I love the simplicity of a black dress, they are always so elegant! This one can be found online at Mod Cloth.


  1. I love the "family" set! And the "serenity" :)

  2. The 'casual', 'family', and 'serenity' are my favorites! :D

  3. 'Family' and 'Casual' are definitely my favorites!!!!!

  4. Love these sets! And the sweater dress is so cute. :)


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