Shine For Jesus

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Matthew 5:16

I know this doesn't seem like the typical verse to kick off a modest fashion show, but God kept leading me to this passage when I was looking for something that would encourage us this week. Each time I came back to read it, the words continued to come alive and inspire my heart. I'm not the best at writing devotions or well...writing much at all! I kind of struggle in getting all the right words out. So today I'm basically just going to try to share with you what God shared with me this week and hopefully it will be a blessing! ^_^

In the first chapter of John, Jesus is called the Light. When we accept his salvation and become his child, that light is shined upon us and into our hearts. Where as before we were filled with the darkness and sin of the world, we are now filled with His righteousness and light! Now concerning light, there are a few things that can be done with it. You can either let it shine, or try to dim it out. And in our lives and world today I'm sad to see that a lot of Christian's flames are burning so low, sometimes so low that it's hard to see at all! Sure, we love God, go to church and lead a pretty good life. Those are all good things. But....are we shining like we should? Is my life shining as brightly as it could? This verse really got me thinking on this a lot. Our light could be compared to something much like our testimony. And it is shown throughout our entire life. Every day, our appearance, our actions, the things we say, our attitude & spirit, and our heart show the world who we are. And hopefully, who we represent.

As I was looking up the word shine in the dictionary, I found the most interesting discovery. Other words used to describe it are to glisten, sparkle, & glow. To appear bright and clear, to reflect light, to give light. Wow. To shine makes quite the statement doesn't it? To shine is to share something from within with everyone around you. What makes you shine?

It should be Jesus. In my life, in yours. You know I've learned a long time ago that what you love, will always show through your life. Maybe just in small ways. But it will show. The things you love, the people you love...they make quite the impact on your life and whether you realize it or not, those things you love will influence you in more ways than you know. And what makes people shine almost always stems from a deep love.

I want my life to shine with the love of Jesus. I want everyone around me to see the Light. To see the joy that He has given me, to see the grace, mercy, and peace in my heart. In everything I do, I want them to see Jesus.

I know, you are probably still confused as to how any of this pertains to how we dress. But I think that when it comes to our appearance, it runs far deeper than our clothes. Our appearance is how people perceive us. Yes, they will see what we are wearing, but they are also going to see how we act and what our attitude is like. They will listen to how you speak to others, watch how you deal with situations, they will be able to see what you love. And I hope especially more than anything, that when people look into my eyes, they will see me shine.

This week I'd like to encourage you to be more aware of how your life is being perceived . People are always watching, what do they see? I'm sure we all have some areas in our life that could use some work. I'm going to be honest and admit one of mine...and it might sound a but silly but its true. I don't smile a lot. I'm a very happy person, but when I'm going about my day I don't smile much and a lot of people have told me that until they knew me better, at first glance I seem either very melancholy or snobby. Ouch! That is not the impression I want to give people at all! So my challenge to myself this week is to SMILE. I've got so many reasons to be happy, I need to let that show. :) I hope this was an encouragement to you. I'm very excited about this week and pray that each one of us will shine brightly for Jesus!



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