My Favorite Winter Beauty Products ♥

winter beauty

{1} Carmex lip balm. So typical. Works so well. I hate the smell, texture and taste though! I still apply a nice coat after every shower and before bedtime. It really helps keep my lips soft and moisturized!

{2} For daytime, I use Nivea. My favorite is strawberry... it even has a hint of color and shine!

{3} Nivea also offers great lotions. I love the kind in the blue tin. :) Easy to carry around and oh to deep and creamy. Be sure and always apply lotion after you shower! It's one of the best times to lock in moisture.

{4} In the Winter I switch to a creamy body wash. I find that gels tend to dry out my skin too much! Pink is one of my favorites. I also like Dove!

{5} Invest in a body scrub! Exfoliating regularly keeps your skin happy and healthy. I like the scrubs from The Body Shop.

{6} One of the best Winter beauty tips that I regularly practice is slathering my feet in lotion and slipping on a pair of socks before I go to bed. It works so well! My favorite foot cream is Miracle Foot repair cream. I highly recommend it....it works fantastic and smells good too! :)

{7} I have thick and long hair so I condition it like crazy all year around...but especially in the Winter. I love Herbal Essence, not only is it very affordable and smells good (hey, I'm a girl, I like pretty smells!), but it works great too! Extra tip; if your hair is feeling especially dry and you don't have any deep conditioning treatments lying around, just apply normal conditioner to your dry hair before you step into the shower. Let it sit for a few minutes and soak in before washing it like normal. I've found this to really help in giving my hair an extra boost when needed!

{8} I use Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer for my face. Usually applying a coat in the morning and evening. A few times a week I also try to switch it up by using a heavier night creme. I can't use it every night or else it tends to make me break out! But a couple of times a week is fine and keeps my face happy in the cold, dry weather! :)

Hope this wasn't too boring of a post! ^_^ I'll leave you with a question...

What are some of your favorite beauty products for the Winter? Do you have any tips too pass on for the season?

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  1. Hey, I loove Pink, too! I use a it a lot. :) Nivea is also my favorite-est face cream EVER.

    This was not a boring post. Winter is harsh where I live, and I like to come through it with some remainder of nice skin! XD


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