The {Bucket} List; Autumn/Winter '10-'11

Seeing as how I had so much fun with my Summer bucket list, I decided to continue it a bit longer by starting one for the '10-'11 Autumn and Winter seasons. ^_^ Some of them are things that I didn't get done last time that I still want to do in the near future, and the others are completely random! I am definitely looking forward to start checking off this list... in fact I've already checked off a few! ) (As you can see they are bolded below.) I'll post a condensed version on the sidebar, and continue to bold them as I get them done. :) Alright... time to get started on that list!

1. Bake a cheesecake. (Still wanting to accomplish this one...)
2. Go sledding. (Haven't been in years!)
3. Make fudge. (Never been successful with this but I'm determined to be!)
4. Take 5 photos that represent Autumn. (I need to push myself back into photography)
5. Carve a pumpkin. (Can't believe I've never done this...)
6. Go horseback riding. (Taking one of my friends daughters who loves horses!)
7. Buy patterned tights. (Why not?)
8. Make homemade doughnuts. (can't have Winter without this.)
9. Have a bonfire. (Had tons of them actually!)
10. Bake cookies for neighbors. (It's nice to give.)
11. Donate to Charity. (Ditto ^^)
12. Sew a skirt. (When will I EVER learn to sew?)
13. Make Christmas cards. (So fun, I love doing this with friends)
14. Take 5 photos to represent Winter. (Snow, Evergreens, Christmas ornaments..yay!)
15. Buy something with an owl on it. (Must do.)
16. Read a book in my second language. (Will be a good accomplishment.)
17. Visit a museum. (Art! Going back with my mom soon. We'll enjoy it together!)
18. Rent bikes in the city with friends. (If you've never done this, you HAVE TO!!)
19. Get a black manicure. (It's actually a two tone dark silver.. but it counts!)
20. Host blog event.
(Hmm any ideas?)
21. Buy a glamorous robe. (Silk anyone?)
22. Learn a phrase in French. (Just for the heck of it.)
23. Buy ankle boots. (♥)
24. Have a girls day out. (Took my best girls out for massages and coffee!)
25. Go a week without coffee. (This will be the hardest, but a real challenge!!)


  1. That is a long list!! But a very good idea! I might try it......if I have time!!

  2. Great list!
    I am on a patterned-tights buying spree right now... :-)
    What is your second language?


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