Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase - {Day 7 Photos} :)

A bit delayed I know! I'm sorry. but I figured better late than never. :) Here is what I wore for the last day of my modest fashion event. I love this plaid shirt! It's actually my sister's. ^_^ It is a little large on me but I just belt it and it works great. I think it looks really cute with the black boots, I thought they went together nicely. :) I was using my large lens for these so the photos are kind of in three parts! haha. I do apologize, but hopefully you can get the gist of the outfit at least!!

Top- Arizona
Cami- ??
Belt- Gift
Skirt- Shade Clothing
Boots- ??
Socks- Don't know the brand but they are actually snowboarding socks. ^_^


  1. I'm guessing your name is Marie.....my name is Emily. I randomly came across your blog and so therefore I have some random questions! Is this blog all about these cute, modest outfits you put together? Is that what this blog is for???? I believe in being modest and strive to be with all my heart....only sometimes modesty isn't stylish. I like how you make modesty stylish. Anyway, could you give me some information on this blog and the purpose of it? If you could just post some basic info under my comment that would be great. I hope this blog is what I think it is!!!!
    With Joy in The Lord,
    -Emily Elizabeth Rose

  2. What camera do you have? Cute outfit!

  3. Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad that you have enjoyed it so far. :) Yes, the main focus of this blog is fashion & modesty!! I do post about some of my other interests, like photography and music also sometimes though. I hope to see you around! :)

    @Mia, I use a Canon 20D. :)

  4. Love the socks, even though they are snowboard socks..... :)


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