Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase - {Day 6}

Friday already? Wow this week is flying by quickly. I'm really enjoying all of the entries, I am so pleased with all the support and participants we've had joining in!! Thanks to everyone for getting the word out, it certainly worked!

I've had a busy day preparing for my dinner party so I didn't get the best of photos! But I think you can get the general idea of the outfit. :) No, I don't cook in heels, in fact... I'm probably not gonna ever get around to putting them on at all tonight! I just felt guilty to take more photos in bare stockinged feet like yesterday so I decided to slip some shoes on to look more proper like and the heels looked the best. I'm afraid I don't like shoes too much, so if I'm at home I am rarely wearing any! ^_^

Top- Thrifted!
Denim Skirt- Zara (ahem, not thrifted! $$ :) But a worthy buy.)
Tights- Walmart
Shoes- Alfani via Macy's
Bracelet- Aeropostale


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  1. This outfit looks beautiful on you.

    Sorry I have doubled my outfits for this event with another event. I hadn't the time with my three little boys to do two separate posts every day. Takes all my morning free time to do one. But, I hope you have enjoyed the outfits.

  2. Oh, I love that sweater! And that skirt is fabulous. :)


  3. I love the colors in the outfit! Cool! Red-white-and-blue is my favorite color combo. (-:

  4. Great outfit Marie! I'm a sucker for stripes!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Very cute outfit! I love it! And those shoes are cute!


  6. Lovely outfit, Marie! I really love your heels! =)



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