At the End of Summer

As you might know, this Summer I kind of made a bucket list. Basically it was a list I put together of all the random things I wanted to get done, try out, and enjoy. I'm pleased to see that even though I was skeptical of it, I actually got a lot of it done! It was so much fun. I really enjoyed the challenge as small as it seems, and it provided a lot of great things to get done this Summer. Now that the season is over, I thought I'd share with you what I did and didn't get done. :)

What I got done.
1. Drink more water. (ughh still a daily challenge though!)
2. Get a healthy tan. (spent lots of time in the pool talking to my mom! so fun.)
3. Try 3 new street cafes. (Mm. definitely a fun one!)
4. Go on a picnic. (A Summer must have.)
5. Take a long hike. (Hmmm. Gonna say I got this done. wasn't the hike I wanted but I think it still counts.)
8. Paint my nails red. (more than once!)
9. Buy wedge sandals. (so cute...must remember to share pics.)
10. Keep legs in shape. (worked out almost every night! yay.)
15. Make s'mores. (okay.. did this WAY more than once.)
16. Redecorate bedroom. (looks fabulous. so pleased.)
17. Give a present for no reason. (the most fun on my whole list!)
19. Act like a tourist. (hehe.)
20. Buy magazine in a foreign language. (subscribed in fact!)
22. Wear crazy eye makeup. (and mastered the smokey eye. yay.)
23. Get a floppy sun hat. (my sister hates it.)
24. Send 3 random cards. (♥)
25. Make cute cupcakes. (see photos here)
28. Eat dessert in the park. (Mm!)
29. Send a postcard. or five. (need to do this more often.)

What I didn't get done.
6. Lift weights twice a week.
7. Hike my favorite peak.
11. Make bagels.
12. Visit go-cart track.
13. Learn to sew.
14. Try a new dessert.
18. Go fishing.
21. Take 10 amazing photos.
26. Try a new gelato flavor.
27. Bake a cheesecake.

Boooo. I can't believe the ones that I didn't get done! Some of them were really simple. I have no idea why I didn't do them. :) Ah, it's okay! I am happy with what I did accomplish. Over all it was a great experience that I actually want to do again! So I'm going to write another bucket list for the Fall/Winter season of '10/'11. Stayed tuned.... I'll be posting it up on the blog later this week! :) Xo, marie


  1. You got over half of the list done, I'd say you did a pretty good job! Considering I never even get to the list making stage, you're eons ahead of me!;-)

  2. HI KatySue! I have been trying to comment on your blog for the past week but for some reason it's not letting me type in the word verification? I am not sure why.. it might just been an error on my end of it. But I wanted to let you know anyways! I loved all your outfits for the Fashion Week, thanks so much for participating. It was really fun seeing all the outfits everyone came up with. :)


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