As The Temperatures Drop

The temps are dropping quickly now aren't they? At least in my part of the world. ^_^ My hands are one of the first parts of me that get cold so I really like my gloves. However...I hate having my fingers restricted! So thankfully they have them... without the fingers. :) Ahh I could just kiss the person who came up with this idea. Not that I would, I'm just saying...they are definitely on my good side! :) Here are some cute picks that I found on Monsoon that I thought I'd share. I really like the first pair shown, I'm always a sucker for chunky knits!!


  1. I love the teals ones with the bows, very cute! Though I have discovered I like my thumbs free as well, I may be a little addicted to texting..... ;-)

  2. I adore fingerless gloves! Unfortunatley: the only pair I've ever owned (And loved!) Got lost! WAAAAAAA!LOL! Oh well! Guess I'll have to find some more!
    I like the second from the top! Cute!
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  3. Wow! Those are such a good idea. I like the red and black ones!

  4. Those are cute! Though I think my fingers would get cold pretty fast. :)



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