5 More Reasons Why I Love Autumn.

1. Shakespeare. There is something about this season that makes me pull out Romeo and Juliet and head to the nearest park!

2. Hats. Knit ones. Chunky, thin, with tassels, pompoms, brims and all kinds of fun stuff. I love hats.

3. Dark nail polish. After wearing Summer neons and bright shades I just love getting those Winter seasoned manicures in deep, rich shades of rose, maroon, and purple. I'm keeping my eye out for a shade of green like above...isn't it awesome?

4. Homemade hot chocolate. My sister makes the best in the world!

5. Sunshine. When the weather gets a chill in the air, I seem to appreciate the sunshine so much more. I find myself smiling as it breaks through the clouds and I feel its warmth. ^_^

(all images via weheartit.com)


  1. I have been wearing dark nail polish lately especially as my skin gets lighter and lighter during the colder seasons! It's a good contrast to have. I love hats too!

  2. Hot chocolate is definitely one of the best things about winter. :-)

  3. I am with ya on #2 especially! I can finally wear what people call a snood without feeling too weird. And I do NOT call that delightful piece of head wear a snood. :P I call it a loose beret.

    These are all delightful pieces of autumn. :)

  4. Hot chocolate is great- but mint hot chocolate is even better! And I look forward to when everyone else is wearing a hat (I cover my head) so I feel trendy, not weird.

  5. I love cloudy days where I can come in from outside, take my hair down (well, it's usually down anyway :D) and curl up with a good book and mug of hot chocolate.


    I love every one of these things...man, autumn is just my favorite. And reading outside? Pure amazingness.


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