Wednesday Ramblings

1. When it rains it pours, doesn't it? :) It has been quite an interesting two weeks for me I must say, but I am happy to see everything working out okay in the end. It always does, I think I just lack faith sometimes. I've actually learned a lot this week, about myself and about life. And one area I see lacking so much in my life right now (besides the faith thing) is peace. I need to learn to just let things go and let them be. Life is crazy and you can't always control things no mater how badly you want too! And sometimes trying to control it will only makes things more difficult and add stress to your life. So this girl is going to try to work on learning to relax and let go a little more. :)

2. I discovered a new song that I love and was an encouragement to me this week so I wanted to share with you. If you are interested you can listen below! :) I hope you are blessed by it like I was. :)

3. Don't forget about the Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase coming up soon! It's only a few weeks away. :) One helpful tip on participating in online fashion shows that I have learned in the past is this; don't be afraid to schedule posts ahead of time! I always try to stay one or two days ahead so in case something comes up I am still covered for the participating days. Please spread the word to your friends and followers, let's try to get everyone involved!! If you haven't read the details or you'd like to grab the button then just click on the icon below. :)

4. I'm now past 50 followers, wow, I never would have imagined that. :) So a big shout out to my current 52 followers, I appreciate the support a lot and love reading your comments! They make my day! :)

5. Another thing I've rediscovered of late... my love of gift shopping! Ahh, it is way too much fun! :) Lots of my friends have had birthday's lately and I've really enjoyed getting their presents. I'm a firm believer in that giving is one of the fastest ways to happiness. ♥

6. Well it is a bright and sunny Wednesday morning and this girl has much to scratch off her to do list for the day. :) So I best get to it. But I'll leave you with a question, is there anything special you'd like to see a post on in the future? Anything at all. Just leave your ideas in the comments below. Wishing you a beautiful day always, XO, marie

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