Hmm, yes I'm kind of a huge country music fan. :) This set is pretty typical of me. Most of the time my outfits are really simple! I am trying to start accessorizing more but old habits die hard as they say. :)

Cosy, simple, and chic. My kind of outfit. (I'm not a huge fan of Abercombie, but I do love their jackets!)

Ohh I am just drooling over that sweater! Doesn't it look positively inviting? Not to mention those shoes are darling. ^_^


  1. I looove the first one - I'm much like you in that I'm a country style/simple style girl.

    P.S. Question for you: what do you think of tall girls wearing skinny jeans? Cause I'm almost 5'9" and I don't know if skinny jeans look good on my or not.

  2. I love the first outfit, and I love the jacket in the second one. :)

  3. The first set is definitely my FAVE...if I were to wear that first set though I'd wear the sweater from the last set with the first set's outfit! I am usually pretty much a Plain Jane too...struggling with the accessorizing too.

    Lovely to see you back on your blog again, Marie!

  4. I love the first set, I am a huge fan of country music and where I live the country music fans a few and far between!=)
    Oh, and in my opinion Ellyn(if you care about ti!) is that tall gils look great in skinny jeans, and if you want to wear them you should!

  5. Yes yes that sweater is sooooo inviting. and i love the fish necklace!

  6. @Ellyn, I think tall girls can definitely wear skinny jeans! I don't know why not. :) They probably look better on tall girls than shorty's like me actually, hehe.


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