Plaid Picks from ModCloth

In honor of my last post in which I mentioned my dire love for all things plaid in the Fall, I decided to share some of my favorite picks from Mod Cloth! :)

How cute is this vest? So smart and sassy looking.

I love the vintage charm of this old fashioned plaid coat. Plus, it looks seriously warm!

Another coat that I'm loving! :) I think the pink shades are super girly and would be cheery on a cold day.

An oh so subtle plaid but I think that it still counts. (!) This dress is all business but would be a fun staple to add to your Winter wardrobe.

This bold skirt is totally out of my comfort zone! I've never owned a skirt like it. But I keep coming back to look at i again and again... I think it would be a cute piece to dress up! :) Again, the vintage charm is just irresistible!

(all images courtesy of Modcloth)


  1. I love the first coat and the skirt! I have a bright plaid skirt and love it, it will definitely be making an apperance during the fall fashion showcase.=)

  2. i absolutly love the plaid vest and the vintage looking coat. oh do i love that coat! i need to do some coat shopping....

  3. How cute! Plaid is so great and I really like it, but somehow don't own very much. :/


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