Wearing Skirts in Cold Weather

I've had a lot of inquiries lately about how I manage to still wear skirts regularly even when the temperatures drop and the weather gets chilly. I've decided to write a post on it to try and help you all out, just pass along some tips that have helped me along the way! :)

(1) What Skirts Can I Wear In Colder Temps?

There are no set rules, in fact, double think any skirts that you've already packed up! I've found that a wide variety of materials can still be worn in cold weather so long that it is done in a manner that will keep you warm! While thicker materials may be better suited, thin lightweight skirts can be layered over a thick cotton slip, or maybe even another skirt. Although some bright Summery printed skirts might not look appropriate for the season, check to see if you might be able to pair it with a darker top. That can do wonders for transitioning a Summer piece into Fall & Winter. As for skirt length, a lot of people turn to longer, heavy skirts in cold weather to remain warm, which is one good option. I do this around the house. However maybe I'm just a klutz, but I tend to trip in them and get tangled if I'm also wearing boots and doing a lot of walking! :) So I tend to prefer my skirts to fall right around the top of my boots… or around my knees.

(2) How Do I Keep My Legs Warm?

Ah yes, the golden question!! Although some people are able to sacrifice their comfort for fashion on a daily basis, I for one like comfort. And staying warm .^_^ But I also like to look nice while doing so and I think most people would feel the same. The best way to keep your legs warm is by wearing tights and leggings. They come in a variety of colors & textures to suit your outfit, from casual to dressy. Also feel free to layer them on top of each other for added warmth. And if you are wearing boots, layer on a pair of socks for extra cold days! Try to invest in a few pairs of wool leggings and socks, they do wonders for keeping you warm! Leg warmers are another item that can be worn in addition, personally I have a hard time making them look right but I've seen them worn a lot of cute ways with flats and boots.

(3) What Shoes Should I Wear?

When it comes to finding shoes that look the nicest with skirts, I suggest experimenting! But I will share with you some of my favorite shoe options that wear nicely with skirts and tights, and tomorrow I'll post photos!


I'm a strong believer in boots and think every girl should own at least a few pairs. They are versatile, comfortable, and keep your legs warm and dry. Not to mention they look fabulous with skirts! There are dozens of styles and colors to choose from, so have fun picking yours out. :) While it is smart to own at least one sensible (comfortable, warm) flat pair, I go through most of the Winter in three inch heeled boots. Which is surprising to me because I'm a total klutz in heels and rarely wear them in the Summer let alone when there is snow on the ground. It does help to look for a chunkier heel on boots, they are much more stable!


I also like wearing flats. You can still pair them with tights and even full length leggings for warmth. My only caution is beware of wearing them out on slushy wet days. Cold wet feet are not fun. ^_^ I speak from experience. Ahem. So it is probably best to save flats for dry days or times you know you won't be walking through snow or such.

(4) As a last note, be sure to dress overall for warmth. Adding a hat, scarf, and/or gloves can do wonders in the act of remaining warm. In most cases, a skirt can easily be incorporated into how you would usually dress for cold weather! It might just need some messing around to make it all look right. I will be doing a post in the future about how I personally stay warm on extreme Winter days...without wearing a snowsuit. ^_^ Hehe. So stay tuned!

I hope that you've enjoyed this, I'm certainly no expert on the subject, but I wanted to share with you what others have shared with me and what I've learned along the way! Please feel free to add your own tips, ask additional questions or give requests for future posts in the comments! :) XO, marie


  1. I am a lover of both cold days and skirts, so I can't wait to apply this post to my life. Thanks for writing it!


  2. i started wearing skirts last winter...and i had a blast mix and matching boots, flats, leggings, and knee high socks. kinda makes summer kinda boring. :) i love layering!

  3. Cool post! You inspired me to do my own post on this!

  4. This is the number one question I get when people find out I mainly wear skirts!! The tall boots are great for keeping warm, and look so darn cute.=)

  5. Yay! I have to wear a skirt everyday since I work in an office and don't like to change between school and work... but I love boots too :) I am excited it's getting colder!

  6. Great ideas, Marie...can't wait to use them!


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