Wearing Jean in the Autumn Season

This is definitely an outfit I can see myself in this Fall. The rich colored cardigan, fun bag and comfy peep-toes...Love it!

Simple but sweet. Sometimes that can be the most beautiful! It comes off so effortless and natural. Aren't those red flats too cute?

Darker color palette but paired with pearl and silver jewelry gives it a bright touch. Not all people think skinny jeans are modest..personally I think they are fine unless they are skin tight. (That isn't attractive either IMO!) And you can always wear a longer shirt if you want more coverage while wearing jeans! Tunics are easy to find and can be worn so many ways.

Again, love the simplicity and ease of this outfit. Can be worn dressy or casual as you can see!

Yellow is one of my very favorite colors, I love wearing it year around! It reminds me of sunshine and lemons. :) I love the bright touch it gives to this outfit.

Last but not least. :) I am a big fan of booties! I think they look great with jeans or with a skirt. When wearing with a skirt I think they look best when worn with matching tights. It pulls it all together and looks beautiful! As you can see I have used a lot of gold jewelry in these sets. I think that gold is great for Fall, it gives off that warmth that the season brings!


I hope you enjoyed today's sets. Which one is your favorite?


  1. I LOVE the bag in the second set... and I like the look of a tunic worn with skinny jeans.

    Oh--I would love to see a picture of you in your ankle boots... the way you wear them sounds like it would be really cute. :-)

  2. i would totally wear all those sets! but especially the first and second one. :) very cute


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