Tuesday Ramblings

1. Thanks to everyone for filling out the readers poll I put up over the weekend. It's still up if you want to add your input! Click here to view it. Most of you were okay with the broad amount of content on the blog so I will continue to keep it that way! However I do have plans to add a lot more posts on modesty including personal outfit posts, along with more devotional posts as well. If there are any specific topics you'd like to see discussed please feel free to share in a comment! :)

2. A few people in my readers poll suggested I host a modest fashion event... what do you think? Would you participate or know of other bloggers who would? If I do host one I'd like to do it in the Fall to showcase everyone's beautiful Autumn style. I think that it's personally one of my favorite seasons for fashion. I love to layer, the options are simply endless! And well, I'll admit that I just love my boots more than words can say. ^_^


I am fairly sure that I had a third thing to say but I've suddenly blanked out. I've been staring at the screen for 15 minutes and it is just not coming to me! lol. Oh well, it's alright. Please let me know what you think about a modesty fashion event! I'd really appreciate your input. :) Have a fantastic day! Xo, marie


  1. Ooh, I'd love a modest fashion event for Fall! Layering and boots are two of my favourite things too ;)
    If you have one, I'll try to participate. You Have Been Warned.

  2. A fall modest fashion week sounds wonderful! Fall is my second favorite season to dress for! Ecspecialy since I've found tall boots, I love those boots.=)

  3. I would love to see an Autumn Fashion Event! Autumn is my favorite time of year, mainly because that means I get to pull out my knee-high socks and boots. This year I want to dress a bit more fashionably though for the cooler months...maybe some long skirts too (which I only recently started wearing skirts and love them, but for Autumn I have no clue how to 'wear a skirt!') I am always confused as to how to put together outfits in Autumn! I REALLY need fashion help on the Autumnal-Wardrobe-Front!

  4. ok so i consider layering clothes a hobby of mine. its just so fun to see what looks good with what. i would totally love to participate in your autumn fashion event....that is if you have one. (which you totally should!!!) :)

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