Today I'm Craving Autumn

And I'm seriously drooling over the boots featured above. Aren't they gorgeous? They are like sophisticated cowboy boots. :)


  1. Oooh! Hurray for for Autumn, the best time of the year! I LOVE fall styles, and much as I love swimming and hiking and such, can't to break out the fall clothing. This set is so cute!

  2. Ahh, fall. I love fall and spring because neither are too hot or cold. I love fall fashions but I prefere spring fashion because spring colors are the colors I like most. lol!

    I love the boots too! Too cute!


  3. I am totally in love with that outfit....the purple top and the dark denim skirt...now that's the kind of outfit I need to put together for myself to wear this Autumn! Thanks for the fashion ideas, Marie, please PLEASE keep them coming! I have something to confess.....I have an addiction to cute brown boots! Lol! :)


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