Skirts. Tights. Shoes.

As an addition to my last post on wearing skirts in cold weather I wanted to show example photos of shoes that you can wear with tights and skirts. Let's get started! :)

I made sets of three photos featuring one skirt shown with three basic shoe styles; flats, boots, & heels. I'm also wearing black tights with all of the combinations. (These are very basic examples, of course you can mix things up by changing the color of your tights, length of skirt, etc!)

(1) Straight Denim Pencil Skirt.

(2) Bronze A-line Skirt.

(3) Black Pencil Skirt.

(4) Plaid A-line Skirt.

~ Boots are the most practical out of these shoe choices, and I think they look nice with all of the above skirts! They are by far my favorite Winter shoe.

~ Heels look fabulous, however I for one don't manage to wear them much as I mentioned before, I like comfort! :) I am on the prowl for some heels that have a more comfortable mid-sized heel that I can wear this season. Because, well they do look rather fantastic IMO, and I love the girly-ness of them!

~ Flats have one amazing feature about them. Comfort. I've only had this black pair for about 9 months and they are completely worn out, I wear them all the time! They match everything and keep my feet happy on long days. Now they aren't always the most flattering shoe (especially on me IMO, because I'm petite and have short legs I suppose ? ), but they still look nice enough for me to suck it up and wear them whenever I want to be comfortable.


I hope that this was helpful! As Winter approaches I'm sure that I'll be sharing more favorite shoe/skirt combinations. :)

What are your favorite shoes to wear with skirts?


  1. Great examples! I love that plaid skirt!

  2. i like boots the best. i love the look of heels, but i look like a giant in them. i tower over everybody...including boys. and thats not cool. ;p

  3. This was a fun post to read!

    I ♥ the "Bronze A-line Skirt" with the heels SO MUCH. I want that outfit! lol

    I am a heel-aholic, so to speak... I'm 5'4" which makes me shorter than my mom and sister who is (who is 3 years my junior... ya, that bothers me...)So I LOVE heels. They help me not feel short. :)

    Allison Elizabeth♥

  4. I usually wear these really cute boots, they have fur lining all the way down! Super cute and warm.

  5. I am so in love with that black pencil skirt and your boots! I only have brown rustic looking boots...and I am so not sure what type of skirt or color leggings to wear with them!

    I only wish I was as lucky with finding nice looking skirts as you are, but I've not been so successful in finding ANY SKIRTS here lately which is quite disappointing to me. Where do you happen to find all of your skirts at, Marie?


  6. @Allison, don't feel too bad, you are taller than me by a good inch! :) I like adding a little bit of height to myself too sometimes. hehe.

    @Natasha, I have some really cute boots with fur on the front too, they are so comfortable and really cute also!

    @Sarah, I don't buy my skirts any special place, I just shop around and look for them! :) The ones above are; Jean Skirt (Shade Clothing), Bronze A-Line (H&M), Black Pencil (Zara), Plaid (Selgros). There are a lot of places in the mall you can find cute skirts. JC Penny, Khols, Target, Old Navy, Gap, H&M, & Dress Barn are some of my favorites!

  7. Such a fun post! I really like the heels with everything. Where are they from?

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  8. @Elaine, I bought them at Macy's last Winter, the brand is Alfani. Here is a link to them online; http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=460470&CategoryID=17214

  9. My favorite look is #2 with the heels! Its so classy and chic. You rock all the looks though. For me though I like flats! I walk way too much to wear heels!

  10. Love, love, love all of these combinations! And all of your shoes are just darling. :-)

  11. I love all of the combinations, Marie! I really love your heels. =) So pretty and lady like.

  12. Great combinations! I can't wait till it get's cool enough to dig out my boots. =)

  13. well in the winter I love to wear flat knee-high riding boots with skirts and dresses, unfortunatelly it gets too cold to wear anything else, I also love oxfords but like I said it's too cold for winter.


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