Skirts in the Fall

I LOVE cardigans. There are so many variations and they are extremely versatile in a lot of ways. I especially love oversized and long boyfriend cardigans, hello, can you say comfort? :) But they can be rather overwhelming to your body so adding a belt can make them much more flattering.

This is almost more of a Spring color palette but it's still an outfit I could see myself wearing in the Fall. Soft pinks and neutrals are very feminine IMO and I love wearing them! (love the heels shown, but most of the time this girl is in flats. ;D)

I also love jackets in the Fall, they are more defined than cardigans and they look fantastic with skirts! They can really help balance the frilliness of more volumeous skirts like the one above. Mixing prints can be kind of scary for newbies like me, :) so I love the animal print bangles that are a little bit daring but not super noticeable! ^_^ I'm shy like that. :)

This set is gravitating towards the approach of Winter with all of the darker colors! To some it might look like a dull outfit but for me it's a pretty typical outfit! My wardrobe is filled with solid basic colors (black, white, grey, brown, navy) because I love being able to mix and match everything in my closet. Plus I love bright bags and colorful jewelry so that spices up an otherwise plain outfit!

I hope you enjoyed, let me know what set or piece was your favorite. :) Stay tuned, I'll be doing a polyvore post on jeans/pants in the Autumn season next!


  1. I love the second one, and also love heels but am afraid flats are the order fo the day! Coffee break is lovely as well!=)

  2. You've given me a lot of ideas for my Autumn wardrobe this year, Marie. I cannot wait to go skirt and cardigan shopping now! I really liked the first and last 'fashion set', sorry I can't choose just ONE! :)

  3. These are all so cute! I can't wait to wear cardis and jackets again.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. These are all really cute. :) Love the coffee break one. ;)

  5. Hey! I like all three! I can't choose a favorite. I love cardigans. I found a really cute one at Old Navy!

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  6. I love these! I am especially in love with the cardigan in the second set. :-)


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