How to Have the Perfect Picnic.

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1. Choose your location. Will you wander off to the nearby park or perhaps take a drive into the mountains? How about settling onto your own balcony or patio?

2. Pick your company. Would you like to spend the day with your significant other or would you rather be joined by your best girlfriends? Of course you are welcome to enjoy your time alone as well! Nothing wrong with that, you can spend time sorting out your thoughts or getting lost in your favorite book. How much more perfect can that get?

3. Pack the essentials. A comfy blanket and some throw pillows are a must have! Bug repellant, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and lip balm are also good things to have on hand.

4. Bring drinks! In the heat most people like cold drinks such as lemonade, sparkling cider or iced tea... but as the weather starts to head towards Fall feel free to pack a thermos of coffee, cider or another hot drink of your choice!

5. Food is optional but in the least you might like to pack a few snacks. Try to bring items that travel well and won't spoil easily. Cold chicken, cheeses, crackers, fruit, baguettes, croissants, bagels, and salads are great picnic food. Of course a box of chocolates never did a girl bad either. :)

6. You may be content to simply gaze at the clouds and daydream your afternoon away, but for those who want more the options are endless! here are some great activities to fill your day.
-Crossword puzzles or other word games.
-Simple board games such as checkers, backgammon or scrabble.
-Fly a kite.
-Paint or sketch.
-Bring a camera.
-Listen to the radio.
-Learn how to crochet or knit!
-Read aloud.
-Write in your journal.
-Play a game of football, soccer or frisbee.

7. Dress comfortably! As you are most likely going to be lounging on the ground be sure to wear clothes that aren't severely restricting or uncomfortable. A simple sundress and sandals works wonders in the Summer while you might need to dress a bit warmer in the Fall. To stay warm you can layer with tights, wear a scarf or hat, and be sure to bring along a cardigan or jacket in case you need something extra (even in the Summer sometimes)! Also be aware to be careful if wearing heels of any kind while in the park. It's easy to get a heel caught in the grass or trip while playing a game. Flat shoes are much safer! If you still wish to wear heels than by all means do, just keep in mind to watch where you walk. :) PS. Don't forget sunglasses!!

8. The most important thing about having a picnic is to relax and have fun. It doesn't need to be perfectly planned, it will all fall into place! When it comes to picnics I find that the impromtu ones are the best. :) Go with the flow and enjoy your day!

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  1. soccer is something we always do at a picnic. :) kinda a tradition now!


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