5 Fall Flats under $25

I love leopard print in accessories! It's subtle but makes a statement and adds a lot!

Ohh, I love red in the Fall! It's so warm and inviting. I think these are super adorable and would look great with a variety of outfits.

Grey is another favorite color of mine. But what I like about these most are the cute little rosettes on the front! How could you not love them?

Not exactly a flat I know, but close enough. :) My black flats get more wear than any other shoe in my closet, they are classic and definitely a staple!

I've been looking for some cute printed flats for this Fall and I love these! Houndstooth is very classy & ladylike IMO. :)


All images via Payless Shoe Source website.


  1. DO you wear your flats with your skirts too? I've never worn flats, but I am struggling with knowing what to wear with my skirts (as far as shoes and things to make the outfit more autumnized for the cooler weather is concerned.) I wonder...do you think flats with stockings/leggings would look silly underneath a skirt?

  2. Yes I wear flats with my skirts all the time! Actually they look great with almost any style/length of skirt. When it gets cooler you can definitely layer with tights and leggings. It looks best when you match your leg wear to either the skirt or shoes. I usually match them to my shoes. (such as...black flats, black tights) It tends to pull everything together nicely. I'll try to get some example photos to post on my blog soon! I also am putting together a post on wearing skirts in cooler weather so stay tuned for that! :)

  3. I am so excited about the posts that are surely to come, Marie! Thanks for answering me back....and letting me pick your fashion savvy mind a bit! I am actually getting ready to go shopping for my Autumn wardrobe in a few weeks, and I am excited to come up with ideas of what to buy (skirt/leggings/tights/flats-wise) before I get to the stores and get extremely overwhelmed like I usually do.

    God bless,

  4. Ooh, love the red and grey ones, I'm actually not huge on flats but these are quite cute and look very practical as well!

  5. Okay, I am officially in love with every single one of these! As much as I love heels, flats are a wardrobe must-have, especially ones with adorable details like these!

    I have Rocket Dog leopard flats which I love to death. :-) Leopard accessories are awesome.


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