#25 on my Summer List

I have a list update! I am trying to document the things that I do on my Summer list in photos if possible. It has been a bit of a slow go so far, I've been so busy this Summer that I haven't had much time! But things are slowing down for me so I am hoping to start working on my list. Yesterday I did #25, Make Cute Cupcakes. They didn't turn out perfect but I think they are pretty cute! Here are some photos. Enjoy!

I can't resist showing you this apron I borrowed.. isn't is adorable? I just love the ruffles. I was twirling around the house with it on all day! hehe.


  1. Those cupcakes do look cute! I bet they tasted good. :D

    Much love,

  2. I LOVE cute cupcakes! :-) And the apron with your manicure is way too adorable!

  3. The cupckaes look wonderful! I have a weakness for cute cupcakes.....=)

  4. Oh my,the cupcakes look so delicious! YuuUuUummers!


  5. Those cupcakes sure do look cute and yummy! The apron is adorable! I probably would turn that into a dress if it wasn't borrowed!


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